Anybody have any thoughts on this bike?

Badged and in original finish as a Major Nichols the frame which carries stamped on the bottom bracket along the same axis as the downtube. This frame is a particularly important find if it was built by Major. It fits the build quality and component criteria and the aesthetic he developed. It was certainly finished by him, with gold and red lug lining and a seatstay panel decoration which he developed and used from time to time on his work. The remaining equipment reflects its change through the years and is of no help in dating with the possible exception of the Williams chain wheel and cranks which should have date marks as they may be original fittings. Off side fork lamp bracket boss.

Lug Styles

However, when this package arrived, looking like a giant turtle, it was with some trepidation that I began the process of opening its contents. The amount of labor involved in packing the bike was probably only exceeded by the amount of time it took me to get all the protective wrapping off. The bike came through just fine, thanks to the protective materials used.

I believe it is the only Peugeot mixte frame built with Reynolds This bike came with a small TA front rack which mounts to the Mafac brakes and the fork crown, as well as lovely Phillipe porteur style bars.

It has nervex pro lug, campag strada crank and rings campag rear The Julian dating was adopted for Schwinn’s domestic production in

On the right is an example of a Nervex Professional lug as modified by the builders, Hawkes of London. The front of the lugs have neither the telltale ‘fishtail’ nor the ‘horns’. The lug has been carefully re-profiled to produce a simple curve. In the late 40s and early 50s most British framebuilders relied upon cast lugs with which to build their frames. As the European economy picked up after WWII supplies of more modern lugs started to be imported, most of which were made from precision pressings of mild steel plate by a process called “emboutissage”.

It is only in the last ten years that I have actually bought some of these crowns as NOS, and so I have no idea how much they cost originally. My own theory about their lack of popularity is that the crown was an early pressed model made by Franco-Suisse, to match up with the head lugs of the Pro MkI lugset, that also had two short spikey prongs. Whether or not what is now referred to as the Nervex Pro Mk I lugset was actually at the time known as the Franco-Suisse, I can only conjecture.

On the other hand, around the early 50s, companies such as EKLA and Wagner had started producing very strong accurately cast steel models that gave full contact areas for brazing between the column, fork blades and the crown itself. Any self-respecting frame-builder would prefer to use either cast or forged crowns, they resulted in much stronger and better performing fork units that were less likely to bend in use or from which the blends could not work loose due to the lack of brazed area and contact.

The other advantage, one that should not be overlooked, was that the sets were offered in a variety of angles that either suited frames straight out-of-the-box, or could be adapted with little effort. Internally the lugs were very accurate in their angles and diameters, with very few and only small voids in the junctions between the upper and lower mitres. The side inner profiles of the mitres were reamed very precisely, thereby eliminating any sloppiness of fit. The closeness of internal fit meant more accurate frames and also the need for less brass to fill voids and less heat to apply it and to make it run into those voids, i.

1974 Schwinn Paramount P-15 66 cm 26.2” center top

As a huge fan for Italian steel bikes I can’t wait! I’m enjoying your blog, keep up the great work! COOL Info!!!! My Paramount with “obviously” Cinelli bars and stems with rececently purchashed yellow cinelli tape appears better than ever. Ride fast Jack.

Posts about nevex lugs written by Nola Wilken. (with helpful date code), Stronglight TS 3 arm crankset (very pretty), and a complete Simplex drive train. The frame is built with Reynolds 7/10 tubing and Nervex lugs.

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Nervex Professional Lugs

Le beau est aussi utile que l’utile — Victor Hugo The beautiful is as useful as the useful. French bicycles are often of very high quality, but they have their own idiosyncracies and interchangeability problems. This article tries to point out the pitfalls that you may run into in maintaining or upgrading a French bicycle, and offers solutions to common problems. In the great bike boom of the early-mid ’70’s, French bicycles were sold in the U.

These low-end models are generally not worth putting any money into, unless you have a strong sentimental attachment to one.

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Mercier with Nervex lugs and frame number on head badge. One of the very few interesting cycle frames in the whole of Berlin, it seems. But the city is ripe for an invasion of fixed wheel lightweights. Brooks saddles, however, are commonplace. Seems to be frame no It is written that Mercier never used Nervex lugs This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

help identify please

It is unclear exactly when Claud started making bicycles. Some say it was in from his garden shed, but Claud was involved in the cycle trade and cycle racing before We do know that Claud opened his first shop, in Battersea London, in and calls his Silver Jubilee Year cf Catalogue cover. Delivery is days.

One of the first things I noticed about this bike was the ornate headtube lugs, which I They are not the more commonly found Nervex Professional lugs that were a Prestige is a later model (check rear of jockey wheels cage for date stamp).

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Köthke Champion Special Bahnrad

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From on, there may be a three or four digit date code near the frame Dale Phelps, Special, Nervex Pro lugs, silver repaint w/ Gran Crit decals, A58,

The Schwinn Paramount was a high-end racing bicycle produced under the Schwinn Bicycle Company brand from through In the s, Schwinn sponsored a bicycle racing team headed by Emil Wastyn , who designed the team bikes, and the company competed in six-day racing across the United States with riders such as Jerry Rodman and Russell Allen. In , Frank W. Schwinn officially introduced the Paramount series. Developed from experiences gained in racing, Schwinn established Paramount as their answer to high-end, professional competition bicycles.

The Paramount used high-strength chrome-molybdenum steel alloy tubing and expensive brass lug-brazed construction. During the next twenty years, most of the Paramount bikes would be built in limited numbers at a small frame shop headed by Wastyn, in spite of Schwinn’s continued efforts to bring all frame production into the factory. On 17 May , Alfred Letourneur was able to beat the motor-paced world speed record on a bicycle , reaching While many large bicycle manufacturers sponsored or participated in bicycle racing competition of some sort to keep up with the newest trends in technology, Schwinn restricted its racing activities to events inside the United States, where Schwinn bicycles predominated.

As a result, Schwinns became increasingly dated in both styling and technology. By , the Paramount series, once a premier racing bicycle, had atrophied from a lack of attention and modernization.

1962 Viking Catalogue

Italian Cut Seat Lug. Italian Cut Head Lug. Newvex Lugs on Waterford Series Artisan. Head tube shot of Series Artisan frame with stainless steel, full polish Newvex head lugs and English Blue metallic finish with white panels and silver strips. Waterford Custom Nuevo-Coco lugs. Head tube for Waterford Nuevo-Coco Custom Lug 60cm Frame, made of stainless steel with polished lugs and stays,

I have shown frame to Cliff Shrubb, who said he didn’t think the lugs were Nervex but copies – he didn’t have any fixed ideas on date. Haven’t.

Around the shape of the bikeframe is usually a diamond frame with angels of about 70 degrees. The process for making lugs in those days was forging. A white-hot piece of steel was hammered in a mould often by steam driven sledge hammers into a rough shape. This rough part was machined by lathes and milling machines FIG.

It involved a lot of labour and it was an expensive way of working; it was used till around Lugs were made for both internal, lug in tube brazing, and external brazing tube in lug. The brazing often happened in a hearth like in a Blacksmith’s workshop. The D-shape frontforkparts were common in England until the fifties. Around , the firm Cresent started making lugs by pressing and welding steel sheets. Due to better foundry techniques in the early ‘s sand-casting is also becoming a fast growing production process for lugs.

Both ways of production existed together for decades.

Museum Bikes 1966 to 1985

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This one is a 2nd gen Master dating from about with internal rear brake cable routing. FRENCH RANDONNEUSE BIKE 53cm c Nervex Pro lugs.

From on, you may find a date stamp on the steering tube. From on, there may be a three or four digit date code near the frame size stamp under the bottom bracket. Send to Bob Hovey. BB Stamp, Steerer Date. Repainted in Ganna team colors, Chrome head lugs. Brooks saddle, Simplex read der. Chain guard, fenders, Campagnolo hubs.

Scott Davis Special Pista. Riveted badges on head tube and seat tube.

Dating Nervex Lugs

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Cino Cinelli from La Gazzetta dello Sport dated May 3, The key to dating a Cinelli is the lugs (3 holes or no hole) and the bottom.

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